If you are a Blogger or E-shop Owner

and want to increase your traffic & affiliate sales...

...but the Pinterest Algorithm

has you confused & pinning randomly

This will help you if you are...

  • A Blogger

    and you want to increase sales and create a funnel to grow your affiliate sales.

  • E-Shop Owner

    I will help you grow your account organically and with low paid ads on Pinterest, which is going to give you a massive amount of traffic.

The Pinterest Masterclass

Learn how to get traffic from Pinterest to your affiliate links and end up earning thousands of dollars.

  • You will learn how to increase sales organically

  • Understand the Pinterest algorithm

  • Discover how to use Pinterest strategically and optimize your profile

Strategically build an affiliate marketing strategy

that will help you generate passive income!

Works for Beginner or Intermediate Level Pinterest

I'm Eleftheria

Professional marketer, blogger and Pinterest marketing expert

I have a degree in Business Marketing and Advertising and a Masters. I have been working in sales, Marketing and PR so I decided to work for myself. I use my experience as Pinterest account manager, help bloggers and other individuals to build sustainable profitable businesses.
Eleftheria - Instructor

Monetize your Pinterest account

with the correct affiliate products.

Learn to check for the correct affiliate products and find companies that will match your audiences

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    10 Canva Pinterest Templates PLUS Canva PRO Bonus

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    FREE 2 months with Tailwind

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    Facebook Group SUPPORT

Masterclass Pass

Grow your Pinterest account fast!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Pinterest Affiliate Masterclass Introduction

  • 2

    Masterclass Video

    • Pinterest Affiliate Masterclass

  • 3


    • Pinterest Affiliate Masterclass Trascript

  • 4

    Canva BONUS 1 Month Free with PRO

    • Canva Bonus 1 Month Free with PRO

  • 5

    Tailwind Bonus 2 Months Free

    • Tailwind Bonus 2 Months Free

  • 6

    Canva Bonus Free Templates

    • Canva Free Editable Templates

  • 7

    Pinterest Facebook Group Support Bonus

    • Pinterest Facebook Group Bonus

  • 8

    Additional Affiliate Marketing Sources

    • Blog Post Examples

    • Example of Sales Funnel

    • Example of Affiliate Sales Funnel

    • Example of Strategic Sales Pages